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CRC Industries Appoints Len Mazzanti as CEO
CRC Industries has appointed Len Mazzanti as Chief Executive Officer. Mazzanti has 30 years of experience developing and leading high performing teams on a global scale.

“I’m excited to work with the CRC team to share our compelling programs and new sustainable initiatives with our customers and distribution partners.”

PLASTIK 70 SUPER Passed UL 94 Flammability test
Plastik 70 Super , one of our best performing conformal coating has been awarded with the V-0 rating, this is the best rating available on the well known UL 94 Flammability Test. Making it a very safe coating to protect your electronics.
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New Look, Same Performance
NOTE: When switching to the new KONTAKT CHEMIE design, the same formulations and production standards were used as before, only the appearance changed.
We understand your reliance on quality and conformance, and value your trust in us to deliver. With Kontakt Chemie we continue to deliver high quality and best performance.

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