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KONTAKT CHEMIE - maximizes electronics performance.

We understand your reliance on quality and conformance, and value your trust in us to deliver. With Kontakt Chemie products we strive for high quality and best performance.

Many years of experience enabled us to deliver the best working product solutions for our end users. Kontakt Chemie products are unique in the market and have proven themselves over and over.

Kontakt Chemie products undergo stringent quality control tests at every stage of product production. Both our production facilities in Zele and Bridgwater have the latest ISO 9001 quality certification.

KONTAKT CHEMIE consists of over 50 unique products in more than 120 packaging combinations, differentiated in 8 product sections:
  • Contact Cleaners

  • Electric parts & precision cleaners

  • Duster Sprays

  • Adjacent cleaners

  • Coatings & Protection

  • Lubricants

  • Freeze Sprays

  • Specialties

360°- Spray system

The 360° symbol indicates the ability to use the aerosol upside down. Helping customers by making hard to reach areas easier to access. This is possible by using a highly engineered special valve.

Plus 40% extra - Volume compressed

Volume compressed, more product. By using a compressed propellant, which takes very little space inside the can, we can increase the amount of active product with a staggering 40% on average. Making it a more economical offer to our customers.

Climate friendly low GWP

The low Global Warming Potential (GWP) symbol indicates the low impact on the environment. In the past these types of products typically used F-Gasses, with 134A being the most used. 134A is very harmful for the ozone layer with a GWP of 1430. By using HFO in our products now, the GWP is lowered to a value of just 7.

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