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Anti-static screen wipes for quick and easy cleaning of all screens.

Soft wipes with a mild cleaning solution for quick and easy cleaning of all screens. A dirt-free screen is a basic prerequisite for a pleasant working experience either in the office or at home. Because of the inevitable build-up of static electricity, every monitor screen attracts dirt and, from time to time, requires thorough, gentle, streak-free cleaning with our antistatic SCREEN WIPES


• Pre-moisturised tissue.

• Contains antistatic additive for long time result.

• Safe to be used on most substrates. In case of doubt, test prior to application.

• Does not leave a residue.

• Handy, re-sealable dispenser.


• Glass surfaces on scanners and photocopiers.

• Monitors, glass and coated glass of plasma and LCD screens.

• Displays of cellphones, GPS, tablets, electronic games, etc.

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