KONTAKT CHEMIE - and electronics work.

As independent brand consolidated with the CRC Industries Group, one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of technical aerosols, KONTAKT CHEMIE has been known for decades for high quality and effective products. KONTAKT CHEMIE is market leader in electronic sprays.

In 1960, the first contact cleaner available on the German market was launched: KONTAKT CHEMIE "KONTAKT 60". Today, the development, maintenance, and repair of electrical units and hardware is unthinkable without using products from the KONTAKT CHEMIE range.

Now part of the global CRC Industries Group, a world leading manufacturer of technical aerosols, KONTAKT CHEMIE products benefit from in-house research & development and manufacture, ensuring products meet our high standards of quality and performance. New products are continually being developed, giving technicians the special products they need to get the job done. Certificated according to ISO 9001:2008 for consistent systems improvement and quality.

KONTAKT CHEMIE – this are today more than 60 prodcuts in around 120 different bulk sizes, differentiated in the following product lines:
  • Conductive Coatings

  • Contact-Sprays

  • Duster Sprays

  • Electronic Cleaners

  • Freeze-Sprays

  • Lubricants for precision mechanics

  • Products for PCB

  • Screen + Surface Cleaner

  • Others


A lot of KONTAKT CHEMIE products are equipped with the 360°-spray-technic. Those aerosols spray in any position, what makes them flexible in usage.


Products with NSF registration for usage in food technology are labeled with the NSF-sign and the registration number. NSF registrated products guarantee that the products used during food processing fulfill all valid regulations concerning food safety.