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Long life for new or cleaned contacts.

A special cleaning, lubricating and anti-corrosive agent designed for contacts and electromechanical moving parts, which have been cleaned using KONTAKT 60. KONTAKT 61 provides a high degree of protection against corrosion and its microscopically thin protective film guarantees a high degree of contact. Furthermore, KONTAKT 61 prevents abrasion and seizing of contact strips and rails.


+ Neutral active product.

+ Does not cause or promote leakage currents.

+ Has a distinct anti-corrosive effect.

+ Is a first-class lubricant.

+ Mechanical abrasion between contact surfaces is greatly reduced and the life of connecting surfaces correspondingly increased if oxides are first dissolved using KONTAKT 60 and then rinsed with KONTAKT WL. Finally, the cleaned contact is protected by KONTAKT 61.

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